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ZaiLab: The Ice Cream Principles of Leadership

Ice cream is one of those things everybody loves. It’s hard not to be cheered just by the sight of it, isn’t it?

Then there’s the good stuff. That A-grade gelato that draws people in from miles around.

Leadership is much like ice cream. And as with world-class ice cream, there’s a recipe to world-class leadership.

What will delegates will be taking home from this presentation:

  • the trick to identifying great potential
  • the key ingredients of GREAT leadership
  • practical steps to implement for immediate results
  • what you need to foster a leadership pipeline
  • the secret to mastering situational leadership

Presenters: Nour Addine Ayyoub & Rod Jones

About ZaiLab

ZaiLab is a Cape Town-based development house set to revolutionise the contact centre space by reimagining conversations from the ground up. ZaiLab is all about giving people power and freedom, from the agent to the customer through facilitating rewarding conversations. The company’s person-centered products give agents the information, care and support they need to have meaningful, effective conversations with everybody they encounter. For more information about us visit our website: