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Margie Middleton Associates

Transforming Your Teams from Mindless Stormtroopers to Jedi Knights

No matter how impressive and flash your corporate image, the acid test of any company’s credibility is how the customer experiences interacting with an employee.

The contact centre is the custodian of the company’s reputation!

In search of control, we often create rigid Stormtroopers of employees.  Customers want to interact with people not automations.  How do you ensure solid contact centre performance results while leaving your customers feeling they’ve engaged with the positive energy of a Jedi Knight?

What you will take away from this presentation

  • Understanding of how the Contact Centre is an integrated and interdependent System that either enables or inhibits service excellence.
  • Understanding of how to identify and unpack critical success factors and performance objectives of your contact centre
  • Understanding of the need to align the contact centre business and people management systems to support the achievement of performance objectives.
  • Understanding of how to re-define your contact centre business model in order to enable excellent service delivery.

More about Margie Middelton

Margie Middleton is a dynamic and creative people’s person with the results-orientation and problem-solving ability of a natural leader.  She has an orientation towards strategic management where her experience gained from diverse line management positions across service industries can best be applied.  With a background as a risk underwriter, Margie has well-rounded general management ability and good analytical, organisational, inter-personal and communications skills. These support her specific belief in the power of excellent customer management strategies to create and sustain competitive advantage. Her particular expertise is in building capacity and frontline support for the operationalisation of strategy.

She is a sought after public speaker and her energy, passion and forthright opinions have been recognised in her being rated as best presenter at various industry conferences over the last ten years.  She attributes this to an attitude of “get honest, get real and get practical”.

Company Overview

An established management and training consultancy specialising in guiding companies in transforming their service and customer management strategies.  With deep roots in the contact centre community mma provide holistic support from strategy formulation to contact centre design, workflow management, business systems development and employee management, training and development.

Contact Details: Cell: 083-409-8833