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The functions of a properly established, managed and functioning Professional Body.

  • What they are?
  • What they are not.
  • How they contribute to the Performance Management challenge in any company of any size?
  • Why CPD is one of the most useful tools in a Professional Bodies arsenal?
  • Professional Bodies and their Transformational Tools.
  • Why a Professional Body has the potential is to lead the Branding Crusade in sectors which otherwise are not considered vital or true economic diamonds?


Takeaways for the individual:

  • Understanding that “Designations” distinguish you in the marketplace and provide you with Professional Identity
  • Understanding that you have a Competency, Behavioral and Lifelong Learning Obligation and make that commitment when you accept your Professional Designation
  • Understand what your membership and affiliation to your Professional Body means in your life.

Takeaways for the company:

  • Understand that the Professional Body becomes a crucial partner in your Performance Management Process of every Staff Member
  • Understand that your Trade Association working in-concert with your Professional Body has the capacity to offer you a Grading which can distinguish your company as truly compliant and excellent in the marketplace

For the Provider:

  • Become part of your client sector’s inner circle
  • Have the vistas of an entire sector opened for you with regard to whole qualification and CPD Training
  • Have the Professional Body do your networking and marketing for you

For the BBBEE Rating Consultant and Agency:

  • Understand how limited your days are if you make no effort to truly understand the business of the Professional Body
  • Buy-into Professional Body Transformation initiatives to do your jobs properly

Presenter: Dr Ivor Blumenthal


  • Matriculated at King Edwards VII (KES)
  • Studied Law and Psychology at Wits
  • Did Psychology Post Graduate Studies at RAU
  • Completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Wits Business School
  • Completed a Phd. In Technology and Innovation at Da Vinci University

Work History:

  • Clerked for a Supreme Court Justice.
  • Has worked in General Management in the Banking and Printing Sectors.
  • Was Station Manager of ChaiFM and has run his own shows on Chai FM, Radio Today and Summit Television
  • Currently hosts Contemporary Business on Radio Today
  • Has published over 500 articles and writes two columns for The Star Newspaper
  • Has published a book : “50 Shades of Greed”
  • Served as a member of the National Skills Authority
  • Served as a member of three Standard Generating Bodies for SAQA
  • Served as a member of the Professional Body Steering Committee for SAQA
  • Established a Hotel Management and Business School in Marbella, Spain – Le Roche

Leadership Roles:

  • City Councillor for Johannesburg – 1995 to 2000
  • Vice Chairperson of Our Parents Home
  • CEO: Furniture Industries Training Board
  • CEO : The Association of Personal Service Organisations (APSO)
  • Chairperson : The Services SETA
  • CEO : The Services SETA
  • Vice Chairperson : World Skills
  • Board Member : European Marketing Confederation
  • Board Member : International Certification Council
  • Council Member of the European Union Social Dialogue – Personnel


CEO of ArkKonsult – Establishing Trade Associations, Professional Bodies, Skills Trusts and Institutes of Training and Development.


A Consultancy established to correct the power imbalances in the workplace.


For Industries:

  • Building Trade and Employer Associations
  • Building Professional Bodies and Confederations of Professional Bodies
  • Establishing Quality Assurance systems for Provision
  • Building Social Partnerships in Industries
  • Establishing and managing Skills Trusts in Industries

For Companies:

  • Gearing your Business for BBBEE Compliance and Achievement
  • Establishing Employee Share Schemes and participative management initiatives in the workplace
  • Reducing the BBBEE Risk and Threat and empowering the business for sustainability