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Thato Matlala

Pink Onion Africa Talent and Technology Solutions

Thato Matlala is a registered People Practitioner, certified Strengths Coach, and Social Contributor.

Thato has 15 experience years across various Human Capital functions in Technology/SaaS, Financial Services, Contact Centres, and Business Process Outsourcing industries.

Qualified in business management, and adult learning, Thato finds purpose in designing meaningful work, people experiences, processes, policies, rewards, and ecosystems that enable global people and organisations to thrive and to succeed in the new hybrid world of work. Following a successful career and performance track record globally, Thato leads the Talent and Strategy function at Pink Onion Africa Talent and Technology Solutions, a management consultancy and skills development company specializing in building trust and competency through organizational effectiveness solutions and meaningful people experiences.

Presentation: Thriving in the Hybrid World of Work: The Power of Diversity, Inclusion, and Organizational Effectiveness

An enlightening presentation on navigating the complexities of the hybrid world of work and leveraging diversity, inclusion, and organisational effectiveness to drive success. This session will explore the neuroscience behind diversity and inclusion, the impact on performance and team relationships, and the competitive advantage of effective organisational design and development.
Benefits of Attending the session:

  • Gain insights into how the human brain functions in environments lacking diversity and inclusion
  • Learn strategies for fostering performance, team relationships, and cross-collaboration in hybrid workplaces
  • Understand the competitive advantage of a well-executed organisational design and development process
  • Be inspired and empowered to thrive and succeed in the evolving landscape of work