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Tanya Phillips


Tanya Phillips is an accomplished leader and is considered a leading personality of the Call Centre Industry.

As Operations Director for some of the leading Outsource Providers in South Africa she has developed comprehensive experience, including multi-site management, inbound and outbound operations and in-sourced, outsourced and co-sourced solutions.

Her experience extends to project management and implementation of new contact centres as well as improving existing contact centre operations in both an operational and strategic management role, both locally and abroad.

In more recent roles Tanya extended her portfolio to include and specialise in CX, shared services and analytics and has focussed extensively on building strong operational teams focused on delivering services and building trusted partnerships in the IT and CX industry.

Tanya Phillips holds an MBA, is currently Chairperson of the Professional Body and has been the convening judge for the CCMG industry awards for the past decade. She is a successful change agent and coach and is a skilled and experienced digital transformation specialist.