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Skillzbook: Critical Thinking

We will review the concept of Critical Thinking and advise why it is important in the context of your life and where you are. The objective for you should be to use Critical Thinking as a way to evaluate your life, analyse the results of your current thinking and to come up with new ways of thinking that enable you to have a happier, fuller life, to earn more and to understand life better. 

Our time will be devoted to individual and group activities using role-plays, puzzles, discussions and case studies around different types of thinking.  We will investigate our own thinking as well as those around us and determine the reasons for different types of thinking. We will learn how to think differently and thereby improve our own critical thinking as well as the results of our thinking. This program, level 2, is designed to assist the post school learner, university student or young professional, entering the working world. The program is aimed at assisting the learner to develop more effective thinking, with a view to planning a more effective life. The objective of an effective life refers to much more than just what you are earning, but also to enable you to be happier. Al thinking has consequences. Effective and critical thinking is about being aware of what you think, and what the consequences of your thinking entail.


Learning Objectives

  • Define and understand critical thinking
  • Define and understand creative thinking
  • Define and understand analytical thinking
  • Identify and understand different worldviews
  • Develop contextual awareness of your life
  • Identify and use different thinking modes
  • Define and understand systems thinking
  • Define and solve problems using critical thinking
  • Making decisions using critical thinking

Critical Thinking take aways…

  • Defining different types of thinking and observing results
    • Worldviews and Ideologies
    • Ideologies and thinking impediments
  • Awareness and how to use it in thinking
    • Contextual Awareness and Systems Thinking
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making post ciritcal thinking
    • The problem-solving process
    • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
    • Identify the problem (is it really a problem?)
    • Think about possible solutions to solve this problem
    • Think about what will happen when using each solution
    • Use the solution to determine if it is a successful one
  • Innovation and Success stimulation
    • Innovation and how to unlock it
    • Success redefined
    • Habits of Successful People

Presenter: Dr Wynand Goosen

Dr Wynand Goosen is currently the CEO of Skillzbook International. The group consists of an online Skills Repository where the individual can build a portfolio of skills. Skillzbook is multi purpose application that can deliver E-Learning, Continuous Professional Development for Professional Bodies and a bespoke Learner Management System. The group also does accredited training for programmes such as Generic Management (L5), Nat Diploma in HR(L5),  New Venture Creation (L4), Contact Centre(L3), Assessor training, SDF training and various skills programmes.

SkillzBook is an exciting, ground breaking concept, focussed on unlocking Skills Development, Education and Training via the aid of Technology. They have been active in skills development training since 2000 and spear headed several issues such as the development of reciprocal frameworks for the recognition of South African qualifications in the rest of the world; the development of skills auditing and ISO based Quality Management Systems.

The group also filmed their New Venture Creation Learnership for SABC television. Now we are focussed on playing in the Technology Space, as a catalyst to empowering Innovators with Business and Entrepreneurial Skills.

Dr Goosen is a perpetual scholar, with multiple qualifications that includes Doctorates in Business, Meta Physics and Human Capital. He has board membership with several professional organisations and a well-known conference speaker and has been quoted in newspapers and interviewed for several television programs.