Sarina de Beer

Living the Promise One Moment at a time

Translating the social paradigm of CX for C-suit impact

Managing Director, Ask Afrika

It is the most exciting time to be a CX professional. CX has become a key part of corporate strategy. Major transformations have taken place in the CX arena, unlocked by access to more data and more investment. CX innovation and the design of improved experiences, has moved beyond exclusively measuring the relationship between customers and companies to journey mapping, customer engagement, employee mapping and culture. At the same time, the CX battleground is becoming increasingly fierce, customer expectations are increasingly more demanding, and executive boards are adding even more pressures, CX leaders need to consider what their next big step will be to bring the future of CX to life.

The talk addresses key issues currently facing CX professionals including:

  • In a world where data is ubiquitous, what should we be measuring for impact, both from the customer and shareholder view? 
  • Should we be looking into more accurate or precise data or is it rather about granularity for impact? 
  • We talk about empathy and emotion, but are we losing the human touch in a world where robots and machines dominate the conversation?
  • Do we have the right leadership skills to drive successful CX initiatives and what should authentic CX leadership look like?
  • The new Maslow and what it means for your CX strategy
  • The passivity – engagement continuum and how it links to customer and employee experience
  • Who should be responsible and accountable for leading CX strategy development and implementation?


Sarina de Beer is Managing Director at Ask Afrika. She is steeped in the Ask Afrika tradition of strong academic grounding. She has two Masters degrees, in Psychology, and in Research Psychology, having started her career as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria. Here her driving ambition was born to become a respected researcher. This drive flourished at Ask Afrika where she managed to create a synergy between business consulting and research.

Sarina’s conceptual mastery is annually showcased at the primary conferences the Ask Afrika Group offer- the Orange Index® and the Icon Brands™ benchmarks. Her incisive analytical capability teamed with an intuition for picking up on social trends has made her a well-respected persona in the industry.

Sarina has successfully blurred the lines between research and the consultation of business-driven clients to ensure that they derive commercial value from research. Her business exposure lies across a range of industries and she has a passion for identifying trends that impact brand expectations in the financial-services sector, and the media industry.

Together with her team, Sarina’s futuristic outlook has ensured the differentiation of Ask Afrika by delivering research projects that enable decision-making. She is highly committed to the return on investment of human capital, and this is evident by the trust that the employees place in her.

Sarina’s authenticity is often remarked on, she is completely trusted by client partners to navigate the tightrope of client centricity and analytical rigour. Most remarkably, she walks the tightrope in red-soled stilettos.



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