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Sarina De Beer

Ask Afrika

Sarina is multi-faceted and multi-talented as one would expect from a woman with two Masters degrees and several other academic achievements.

What defines this potent person is the irrefutable argument. Sarina can look at all of the data at our disposal, see patterns emerge, glean the root cause of the problem – and create a narrative that may include several ways to create a solution that is impossible to question. Of course, in the various roles she has occupied in Ask Afrika for so many years she has been exposed to every facet of our business and given her exposure across every category of business we have tackled makes her formidable.

Sarina is known for her desire to find the solution – and to dispense with the peripheral argument. And not afraid to write a proposal, ensure the sample is as it should be, interrogate the analytics – recommend changes and present the findings – whilst others may still be pondering the problem. As head of global products the notion of ROI is always top of mind. Her solutions are intuitive and generally on the money too.