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Roshan Sookdeo


Roshan Sookdeo is the Global Outsourcing Director for CallForce focusing on growth, acquisition and relationship management. He oversees our global strategy in creating BPO opportunities within Asia, Australia, South Africa, UK and USA.

With extensive experience within the BPO sector, Roshan has made a significant impact on the Telecommunication sector and is recognised as a keynote speaker educating the market on the value of CX, journey mapping, process design and methodologies and is well respected for blue collar Outsourcer achievements.

His key strengths include:

  • Customer experience
  • Customer relationship management
  • Job creation for the South African market
  • Skills enhancement
  • Contact Centre optimisation
  • Business Growth
  • Omnichannel solution expert

Presentation topic: Benefits of offshore BPO to South Africa

South Africa has emerged as a premier destination for offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, especially appealing to English-speaking markets such as North America, the UK, and Australia. There are several compelling reasons for this trend, grounded in both the country’s skilled workforce and its strategic global positioning.

Key features of the South African value proposition include:

  • Superior digital Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX)
  • Sophisticated and resilient infrastructure (This feature was rigorously tested during the initial COVID-19 full Level 5 lockdown starting in late March 2021. The South African BPO/GBS community proving to be more resilient and reliable than most competitive BPO/GBS locations)
  • Strong foundation in large-scale contact centres and specialised niche-type operations
  • Large, available, skilled, and youthful English-speaking workforce well able to apply their knowledge
  • Sizeable regional and domestic market growth opportunities
  • Significant cost savings further enabled by the dtic GBS incentive scheme.