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Rita Govender

TOPIC: Adopting an AI framework for Non-Traditional People Development Interventions

Rita Govender is an Accredited Management 3.0 Agile Leadership Facilitator, a Licensed Individual and Team Enneagram Practitioner and Transformational Coach.     

She is a Managing Consultant for two people development companies which strongly advocates a comprehensive approach to development within a learning organisation. 

She has recently co-authored a book alongside Professor Shirley Zinn and 14 other successful woman Entrepreneurs called “Forgotten Women – The South African Story”.   The proceeds of this book go to the woman entrepreneurs who have become vulnerable in business during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Rita has over 15 years of experience in the talent management space and within various industries.    Her current major projects involve the training and mentoring of entrepreneurs in business and training unemployed youth and adults in the Digital Transformation space.  She is involved with community projects which support and encourage youth and woman in business so that they may innovate to create jobs that stimulate physical, economic and social regeneration in a rapidly evolving environment. 

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Disclosure Africa is a Level 1 BBBEE people development company.  

We understand the pivotal role we play in empowering the people of our nation in this time of unprecedented challenges.  People are our enterprise contributors – their performance meaningfully impacts our local and global economy. 

Our vision is to create agile, purpose-driven thinking for innovation that creates jobs to stimulate physical, economic and social regeneration in a rapidly evolving environment. 

We use a comprehensive approach to learning within a VUCA context.  We insist on the holistic development of a learner in a continuously improving learning environment.    Our licensed learning tools and products are valid and reliable and are backed up by sound empirical research. 

Our clients are invited to co-create with us.  In this way, we can jointly innovate and package bespoke and “fit-for-purpose” interventions that are pragmatic, easy to deliver, quick to implement, sustainable and measurable.