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Ocular Technologies: Reimagine Customer Service

Today’s customers expect to engage with your company using any device on any channel, at any time. Their journeys often touch several departments within the business – from Marketing and Sales to Billing and Support – and at every point they expect you to know who they are, understand their prior interactions and enable seamless service.

It is not easy for organizations to meet these new customer expectations given the isolation of traditional contact centres from other functions across the company. Doing so with agility, operational efficiency and an emphasis on value creation is even harder. This has to change.

The Customer Engagement Center (CEC) is designed to empower businesses with the agility, flexibility and operational structure needed to drive profitable growth by addressing changes in consumer behaviours and expectations.


The CEC extends beyond the contact center and across the entire company – breaking down the walls between people, processes, systems and data sources. By maintaining the context of every interaction and a single view of the customer, the CEC facilitates personalized conversations as customers move effortlessly between various self-service and agent-assisted channels. For employees, productivity increases through the use of common, intuitive user interfaces and native integrations that make workflows seamless.

Challenging the status quo


Customer expectations have changed dramatically. If your approach to customer service has not, consider the implications for your business. Ask yourself:

  • Is your product or service so superior to your competitors’ offerings that customers will overlook mediocre service?
  • Do you enable customers to engage with you in a way that fits their lifestyle?
  • Does it take more time and effort for customers to do business with you due to disjointed experiences?
  • Are you missing revenue opportunities by not being where your customers are, understanding their behaviors or anticipating their needs?
  • Is it costing you more time and money to serve customers due to siloed systems?
  • Are your employees frustrated by a growing number of disparate systems and interfaces that make it complicated to do their jobs effectively?
  • Are you failing to keep up with technology advancements – exposing your business and customers to security and compliance risks?
  • Do you lack the flexibility to respond quickly to market changes and opportunities?
  • Your answers to these questions may point to real issues that translate into low customer satisfaction, high cost of service, missed sales opportunities, employee turnover and reduced shareholder value. Read on!


76% of consumers view customer service as a “true test” of how much a brand values them and 55% have switched brands in the past year because of poor service.

While it’s easy to measure the cost of improving your customer experience, it’s harder to quantify the business impact. A strong business case for CEC is built on profitable growth with a focus on both revenue and costs.

Outcomes of building a CEC and the resulting value creation:

  • Enhance Your Services
  • Analyse and Optimise
  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Transform Notifications into Two-Way Conversations
  • Context and Continuity in the Customer Engagement Centre

Speaker: Minesh Parbhoo

Minesh Parbhoo has been in  the contact centre industry for 10+ years ranging from various roles within system support, support and operations environments and management within IVR, Value Added Services and Mobile Ring Tones, Product Management and currently fulfilling a role of Pre-Sales and Business Development Management at Ocular Technologies providing Contact Centre and Customer Engagement Solutions, Products and Strategies for achieving world-class customer service, customer experience and realising value within modern day Organizational Contact Centres.

Words he lives by – “Business runs better and is exponentially improved when their customers and users are serviced to levels of delight and satisfaction. Millions of customers and users rely on the customer centric services provided by the company I work for: Ocular Technologies, to provide, assist and manage their business and personalised needs across various channels using industry standard and tailored solutions to meet their business requirements and objectives.

I am part of a mind-set, and of an organization, that gets it done right and that articulates a vision that resonates with the customer and demonstrates value to their organisation. I am a self-driven individual and thrives when given a task or challenge with a deadline. I enjoy working with a competent and focused team, being on the bleeding edge of technology and implementing cutting edge ideas which require creative thinking is where I find my true passions are used to their full potential.”

About Ocular Technologies

Ocular Technologies is a specialist Customer Engagement and Digital Experience solutions provider, with a unique set of individuals that are experts in understanding, managing, and ultimately ensuring, an optimal customer experience. With a vision of being regarded as an internationally respected leader in the customer engagement market, we strive to have our customers appear as heroes in the eyes of their customers

With over 13 years’ experience in the customer contact life-cycle space, the team at Ocular creates quantifiable business impact through Intelligent Interaction Management, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Analysis & Design.

Drawing from a focused selection of best-of-breed technologies and methodologies, Ocular is uniquely positioned to offer everything from strategy and planning, through implementation and delivery, all the way to enablement and operations. As a 100% Black-owned, Level 1 BBBEE contributor, Ocular has the added advantage of offering a Preferential Procurement level of 135%.