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Quest: Today You Are You, That is Truer than True

We have changed the way that we “Think about Workforce” (human and non-human), how we value and support the people element and human touch, and the development of skills that are relevant to the future to ensure job creation. Throughout your career you can be many people and wear many shoes, that is why, instead of employers putting their employees into boxes, they must use unique tactics to attract the right thinking, attitude and talents in their organisation. Today’s world needs people who can solve complex problems, have many different interests and skills – and so does your Contact Centre!

These unique insights on a multitalented workforce will get you thinking on:

  • How to encourage multi-skilled candidates in your business and contact centre
  • How to utilise the Game-Design thinkers to solve complex problems
  • What skills will be needed to survive in the future
  • Styles of leadership can either inspire brilliance or create apathy in people

Presenter: Janine Letizia

About Quest

Quest is South Africa’s leading provider of scalable recruitment and staffing solutions for Fr ontline Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Support Staff. Since 1974 we have delivered the very highest level of service in the recruitment, training and management of professional staff. Whether your company requires a unique staffing solution or you are looking for an employment agency that will understand your career needs, you can be confident that Quest will deliver.