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Ocular Technologies

Get a taste of Customer eXperience (CX): Ocular Technologies to demo SA’s     first locally developed ‘pizza bot’ at Africa’s Calling 2019

Ocular Technologies to introduce the first local ‘digital employee’, developed by South Africans for South Africans, to CCMG’s Africa’ s Calling 2019 delegates

Ocular Technologies holds more than 15 years’ experience in the customer contact lifecycle space, creating quantifiable business impact through intelligent interaction management, robotic process automation, ambient computing, natural language processing, and cognitive analysis and design.

Today’s reality is that customer communications are shifting from interaction on your terms as a company, to true collaboration on the customer’s terms. The answer to this type of disruption, and a positive step towards becoming a cognitive enterprise in the fourth industrial revolution, is IBM Watson. As an IBM Silver Partner, Ocular Technologies employs – amongst other technologies (using one platform) – components from IBM Watson, such as Watson Assistant, Machine Learning, Discovery, Natural Language Understanding, Tone Analyzer and Sentiment Detection, Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech. We build, from the ground up, solutions to manage self-service communication through a chat/voicebot.

Visit Ocular Technologies on stand 28 at Africa’s Calling 2019 to see our pizza bot in action, and for more information around our technology offerings, which can help you to create endless possibilities for your business. Picture CX apps that allow your customer to rent a car based on their preferred group of vehicles, your employees being able to change a password without having to contact the IT administrator, or even your customer being able to order a pizza with an emoji, It is all about revolutionizing your Customer eXperience!