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Nyasha Chatikobo

Dream Impact

Dr Chatikobo is a social worker and data analyst, the founder of Dream Impact an organisation she formed from her passion for Impact management.

She has a doctorate from the University of Forthare, a postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Stellenbosch University and a certificate in Specialised Project Management from Witwatersrand University.

She is also an Impact Advisor for a not-for-profit in South Africa called Mould Empower Serve which is an organization which specializes in empowering individuals from low-income and homeless communities.

She acquired her PhD in Social Work and has presented some research findings at conferences in Africa, and Asia. During her spare time, she mentors some youth under a youth accelerator program. As a Social worker and an individual who was diagnosed with chronic depression a few years back, Dr Chatikobo understands the impact of mental health on quality of life and is always open to sharing how to overcome some mental health challenges while maintaining a functional work-life balance.

Topic: Mental Wellness

The presentation will outline the importance of prioritising mental health. It will highlight signs that indicate that a person might be suffering from mental health problems in the workplace. How work performance is linked to mental health state. Lastly, it will highlight coping skills & alternatives that can help with managing mental health challenges for optimum performance.

Take home:

  • Understanding mental health
  • Link between mental health and performance.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Coping mechanisms