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Jeff Kian

Get paid – call centre must be an extended channel of business.


We present our research and solution in the field of Automated Contact Centre Quality Assurance. Contact centres are continuously striving to ensure quality delivery, maintain compliance and reduce costs high churn rates of agents in contact centres means agents require continuous monitoring and training interventions. Our team has taken on the challenge of using automated monitoring using localised deep learning transcription engines coupled with nature language processing data mining techniques we help contact centres automatically monitor agents for script adherence. Alert managers if agents miss steps or fail to communicate mandatory pieces of information. Monitor agents across campaigns automatically highlighting problematic areas and optimise training. We assist companies optimise sales and collections by matching the  hottest leads with your best agents to give your team the highest change at closing. Covered are challenges, technical and business consideration of implementing an automated quality assurance solution in the South-African context.


Jeff Kian is a former Chemical Engineer turned Data and Innovation enthusiast. His experience range a host of industries form manufacturing, logistics, strategic advisory and financial services. He is currently running an 15 man data science team specialising is using data and technology to help organisations enhance insight, optimise process efficiency and minimise risk.