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AI: You Imagine, We Deliver

AI and machine learning is nothing new, but applying AI to solve business challenges with a clear ROI, is quite unique in the customer services arena. With our customer service demand prediction model we predict which customer are going to contact you, for what reasons and when. Genii AI provide simple, yet effective models that will support improvements in your contact centres and business.

What you will take home from Dee`s presentation:

Artificial Intelligence will fix your pain points and assist with business improvement. Reduce contact volumes, enable you to service your customers better, improve pro-active care and customer experience and feed into robotics to automate service.

About Dee Nel:

Dee Nel is a passionate leader within the service industry with a 20-year track record of successfully leading operations and transformation teams through the upstream and downstream processes that improve  customer service and customer experience. She challenges the status quo to deliver best-in-class experiences for the end customer, whilst bringing innovation, a deep understanding of insights and data to drive sustainable and long-term improvement to across all customer-facing KPIs. Dee has been able to improve operations whilst providing brands with the tools to successfully build upon their own product offerings, processes and services.

About Genii Analytics

The voice of the customer has been amplified while business is conducted “at the speed of thumbs” and through the customer’s channel of choice that creates a memorable customer experience. Genii Analytics offers over 200 years of combined operational ‘know how’ in the customer service and sales arena. Our goal is to provide transformational analytics that is geared towards smart customer insights that will lead to  predictive sales and service within your organisation. Our actionable insights are aimed at reducing costs and increasing revenues and keeping your most valuable asset, your customer, happy.