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Dr. Tahir Khan

Dr. Tahir Khan, fondly called Doctor Bot, is an international business consultant and a traveller of 25 years. During the last two decades of his contact centre & customer service career, he has operated across India, the Philippines, Ireland, UK and South Africa. A post graduate from Moscow, he speaks 5 languages including Russian. His previous roles include, contact centre agent, team leader, operations manager, director and country manager of 3000 people. He specialises in building global contact centres delivering customer service solutions to multinational companies. He is one of the most sought after consultants in the BPO world for his expertise in contract & commercial management, client and vendor relationship management, RFP & SOW engineering, KPI development, cost efficiency and project management. 

Company Profile: TRS Consulting Pty LTD

Based in Cape Town- TRS E Management and Consulting, is a provider of range of service offerings for the digital and the physical world through a network experienced and skilled professionals around the world. 

TRS is partnering with multinationals, local South African companies, startups and individuals, to bring as many jobs as possible for our talented workforce professionals. 

TRS is addressing the gaps in the current system for our youth to develop their skills needed for the new world. To achieve this, TRS is partnering with a range of technology, training and knowledge management companies across the world. 

TRS believes we have to build an ecosystem/infrastructure for learners, starting from our kids in schools, youths who have finished schools and professionals who are in need of up-skilling or are looking for better opportunities.