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Dimension Data: Digital crisis or redemption – the uncomfortable truth

A look at the 2017 Global Customer Experience Report, including contact centre, digital, back office and physical operations, providing the latest best practice CX or customer experience approaches from across the globe.

What you will learn:

  • There is a growing gap emerging between those committing to digitising their CX to the standards expected by modern/evolving customer types, versus those procrastinating on when and how to make their move.
  • The research shows recognise that digital transformation is not a debate, but a necessity to compete;
  • The benchmarking research broadens your understanding of emerging trends and challenges. It’ll helps your drive your CX strategy, strengthen your position as experts in CX and develop innovative solutions and services for your business;
  • The results indicate that the top factors driving digital transformation are to improve CX, closely followed by customer demands for digital. Over 84% can evidence revenue uplifts as a result of improved CX, and 79% report cost savings;
  • The uncomfortable truth is that high performing companies that have committed to the opportunity created by the digital revolution, are outpacing established market leaders

Speaker: Craig Steward, Dimension Data