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So Many Opportunities, Which Option do you Choose?

The CCMG National Conference and Awards 2023 heralds the return of the most prestigious Contact Centre industry events of the year in person, after we all took time off during The Covid period.

Prestigious Partnerships

Marketing and showcasing your company and its services to a specific audience has become increasingly difficult, especially considering the overload of information and messaging we are currently exposed to.  By partnering with established organisations and aligning with respected industry leaders, your brand is sure to get the right exposure with a guaranteed return on investment.

CCMG has grown from strength to strength and has been integral to the growth of the contact centre industry as well as the enormous increase in professionalism in all sectors. 

Sponsorship of the Conferences and Industry Awards is an excellent opportunity for your organisation to achieve visibility in a highly focused environment.  You will also benefit immensely by the association of your organisation with that of industry trailblazers as well as the support of the Professional Body for the Industry.

Brand exposure to some of the most senior decision makers and influencers as well as the opportunity to be included in extensive media coverage together with our other elite sponsors are just some of the benefits that will guarantee your sponsorship investment success.

The CCMG National Conferences

25 October 2023

President Hotel, Bantry Bay

50 + Delegates

22 November 2023

Hilton Hotel, Sandton

80 + Delegates

Each speaker will be allocated 10 – 15 minutes (including set up and sharing) to do their presentation.

We will have 3 – 4 speakers per topic.

We will have a group of panellists that will then ask questions and get clarification from the speakers to flesh out the topic. 45 minutes.

Topics: Depending on Region and the availability of Subject Matter Experts.

  • Mental wellness / wellness / balance
  • South Africa an as outsourced/ offshore destination and why it works
  • Creating careers – the how and why and what is effective
  • Benchmarks – information regarding best practice etc
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation – case studies / things people are doing differently

Table Top Display

Be there and talk to the delegates you are welcome to hand out any collateral/marketing promotional gifts etc.

October at the President Hotel in Bantry Bay – R7000,00
November at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton – R9000,00

Speaking Slots

Per Speaking Slot R3000,00 over and above the Table Top Display

Marketing Opportunities & Benefits

Social Media

Your Organisation banner will be used on all our Social Media Platforms.

Event Branding

Your Banner will be on display on the Websites for the next 3 months.

Table Top Display
The Venue will supply a trestle table white tablecloth as well as two chairs. As a Sponsor you will be allowed entry for two people (your exhibitors/speakers) at the Conference/s. You are invited to hand out any collateral to the delegates collateral will be for your account. Please discuss competitions etc with us if you wish to make things more exciting.

CCMG National Conference and Awards Headline Sponsor

R90 000,00

The National Awards and Conference are considered the most prestigious industry events of the year and it is at this forum where we share knowledge and recognise the best of the best and also attract a formidable audience. This is the perfect opportunity for a company to promote itself and at the same time commit their support to the industry.

Marketing Opportunities & Benefits

Brand Recognition

Your organisation will be recognised as the Headline Sponsor Naming the Awards and Conferences with your organisation alongside the CCMG.


You have an opportunity to welcome the participants to the conferences and awards on behalf of your company. 5 Minutes


Your corporate logo will be prominently displayed on the CCMG landing page and both websites.

Marketing Banner

Your organisation banner will also be displayed as part of the CCMG landing page on the sliders at the top.

Social Media

Your Organisation banner will be used on all our Social Media Platforms.

Video Marketing

You are invited to show a 3 minute video in duration that will be shown during the awards event. The recording is for your own cost.

Speaking Slot

You are invited to choose a topic and to have a representative present at the Conference.  You are also invited to get a representative to participate on any of the Facilitation streams, topic/s of your choice.

Marketing to our Database

As a sponsor you are entitled to 2 e-mails that will be sent to our database during the following 12 months: this is currently one of the most comprehensive lists of the contact centre industry in South Africa. You are required to supply the e-mail in HTML format.

Further Event Branding

Your corporate logo will be projected alongside the CCMG logo on the buffer slide, and in between awards.

Verbal Recognition

The Sponsors will be thanked during the event by the MC / Voice Over at the Awards and the Conference