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Introduction and Welcome


Benchmarks / Research / Best Practice
A way to view what best practice looks like now and understand how the changes will impact the industry.


Benchmarks / Research / Best Practice

A way to view what best practice looks like now and understand how the changes will impact the industry.



The change is more significant than we think…

Sarina can look at all of the data at our disposal, see patterns emerge, glean the root cause of the problem – and create a narrative that may include several ways to create a solution that is impossible to question.

Ask Afrika


Panel Discussion

Tanya Phillips and a representative from COPC


Digital Transformation
Real case studies – separating the hype from the real talk


Digital Transformation Overview

As organisations emerge from the pandemic to accelerate their businesses into the digital age, it has become abundantly clear that the customer is in charge and needs to be placed at the centre of digital transformation efforts. Today, 88% of consumers expect companies to accelerate digital and innovation initiatives in response to COVID-19. CX cannot be neglected in the race towards digital.

Key themes:

  • Less is more
  • Beware of efficiencies at the cost of CX
  • AI is not going to fix it



How to improve connection rate whilst remaining compliant

Quality of data, testing at different times, using features of the dialler, tweaking settings, remaining compliant

Abdul Kawsar



Digital transformation is about people. It’s about the quality of the experience you can create for them through innovative technology. If we ignore CX in the context of digital transformation, we have missed the point. CX is a hot topic, that comes with a couple of common myths and preconceptions.

We’re debunking those myths around CX with Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Pivotal Data.

Are you basing your CX strategy on a myth? 

Karl Reed


Panel Discussion

Rita Govender, Marilyn Moonsamy and Craig Shalekoff


Leading People
Leadership – what is needed to lead in the new world of work?


Leading People Overview

We conducted research across a base of 16817 employees across industry to identify their pain points and priorities in a new world of work. The findings include interesting insights for leaders



Driving a learning culture within a Contact Centre environment

A continued investment in your people through learning, will ensure they remain skilled, engaged and aligned to your contact centre values. The consequence of which if done well should manifest itself in an increase in both individual and organisational performance. The BPO environment continues to see exponential growth driving the need for skilled employees with a focus on employee retention and productivity. Whilst it can take effort and thought to create an environment that drives the learning agenda, the impact of such change will yield significant business benefits and must be embraced for continued organisational success.


Forced into Corner – Cultivating the culture of Innovation during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

How MBV IT built solutions when the world as we know it was crumbling down. 

How MBV IT adopted the culture of innovation in order to develop products to ensure its survival and how the pandemic turned out to be the best period for the organization

Mikovhe Mulaudzi




Work Industry Neutral Growth Skills (WINGS) and how this is directly connected to the 6 human needs and why these are the skills the future fit employee will need to be resilient and adaptable in the future ways of work. 

Kevin Britz

Leadership by Design


Panel Discussion

Tanya Phillips and Rita Govender


Thank yous and wrap up


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