Featured Streams for 2019

Leading the Pack

People, management and motivation
  • Workforce development: motivation, training, retention
  • Job satisfaction, stress management
  • Multiple generations within the Contact Centre
  • Leadership, productivity
  • Investing in agents, psychological support
  • Customer behaviour and trends
  • Proactivity and personalization of customer engagement
  • Building a winning corporate culture
  • Gamification



The Art of Tracking

Analytics and optimization
  • Measuring: metrics, analysis and interpretation
  • Optimization, KPI`s
  • Cracking down on hold times, lowering abandon rates
  • Social media as a Contact Centre touchpoint
  • Omni-channel growth patterns
  • Monitoring quality
  • Upsizing, downsizing, outsourcing, insourcing
  • Time and workflow, CRM management
  • Cost centre vs. profit centre
  • The customer journey

Into the Wild

Technology, trends, future
  • Digital transformation
  • Working in the cloud
  • Future trends in consumer behaviour, technology etc.
  • Virtual reality
  • AI, machine learning,
  • Voice-powered technology and bots
  • How to choose the best equipment, software for your company`s needs?






The CCMG is the Professional Body of the Contact Centre industry in South Africa and represents over 2,006 Contact Centres, 22,500 top and middle managers and 10,000 agent level individuals. The CCMG contributes to the professional growth of businesses and professionals within the Contact Centre industry, providing a forum for knowledge sharing and networking to empower and transform its members, while building on service excellence and continuous improvement within the industry.


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