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Hi5: Companies want inFORmation, but who’s it FOR?

“There is a growing trend for more and better ‘People Data & Info’ to help companies with talent management. However, too often organisations go about this the wrong way. We’ll share some of the right ways for how organizations can doing this better.”

What the delegates will be taking home from your presentation.

  • What is People Data?
  • Some examples of great companies using People Data effectively.
  • The different forms of people data & translating it into powerful info’.
  • How to effectively engage with Millennials and new generation work force
  • How you can disseminate and effectively aggregate and collate People Data.
  • How to add value to your employees with the right access to your People Data.
  • How you can empower your employees with your People Data.

Speaker: Gary Wilmot

Having been fascinated by software development as a little boy, Gary left school at the age of 15 to pursue opportunities to earn money from building games and websites on the internet.

This early exposure to the possibilities presented by e-commerce motivated Gary to Co-Found Urbian, an award winning digital innovation product studio, dedicated to designing, developing and launching digital products that transform brands, grow business and delight people.

It was while managing Urbian that he noticed the pain, effort and admin that Managers at SME / SMB companies endure in people practices in particular. Always keen to solve a problem with a smart tech solution, Gary launched Hi5 internally as a side-project. Primarily, it started out as a solution to cut down on admin and the effort required to manage staff; however, as word spread quickly about Hi5 it is now being used by many corporate and SME brands in multiple countries around the world.

Gary is now focused on helping Hi5 scale to meet the needs of different markets and sectors, with the goal of helping companies become better in how they grow their employees through frequent recognition and regular feedback.