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2021 Speakers

Navlika Ratangee

TOPIC: Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

Yolande Moodley

TOPIC: Coaching in support of our people

Yousuf Karodia

TOPIC: Bringing BPO to South Africa

Rita Govender

TOPIC: Adopting an AI framework for Non-Traditional People Development Interventions

Lauren Potgieter

Lauren Potgieter has extensive experience and knowledge of the local and global BPO and contact center outsourcing landscape, and has been involved in this industry for almost 20 years.

Peter Venn

Peter’s talk will be on options for AI within the service delivery area of the business – turning it inwards as a means of supporting staff at the front line. The question Peter will ask is simply this: “How can we achieve operational information ‘twitch-speed’ using AI, in a way that supports our people and engages with all learning styles?”

Gail Mervis

After many years in the education field, Gail moved into Operations Management, Training, Consulting and Coaching where she been working for the past 23 years across multiple corporates

Margie Middleton

For the last 30 odd years I have been actively employed in the South African Contact Centre market – in almost equal parts – as either an Employee or a Business Consultant & Trainer. 

Craig Shalekoff

Developing and implementing major transformation projects and efforts involving large international BPO organisations.

Patrick Hutchison

Patrick Hutchison is a customer service professional who started his career on the front-lines more than 20 years ago in one of South Africa’s most innovative banks.

Joel Walker

TOPIC: The 4 Cs model when looking for partners: Most buyers are busy, some are lazy, find out how to get straight to the point and win more.

Tanya Phillips

Tanya Phillips is an accomplished leader and is considered a stalwart of the Call Centre Industry.