Skillzbook: Critical Thinking

We will review the concept of Critical Thinking and advise why it is important in the context of your life and where you are. The objective for you should be to use Critical Thinking as a way to evaluate your life, analyse the results of your current thinking and to come up with new ways of thinking that enable you to have a happier, fuller life, to earn more and to understand life better. 

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The functions of a properly established, managed and functioning Professional Body.

  • What they are?
  • What they are not.
  • How they contribute to the Performance Management challenge in any company of any size?
  • Why CPD is one of the most useful tools in a Professional Bodies arsenal?
  • Professional Bodies and their Transformational Tools.
  • Why a Professional Body has the potential is to lead the Branding Crusade in sectors which otherwise are not considered vital or true economic diamonds?

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Callforce: The importance of effective motivation and remuneration strategies to achieve optimal contact centre performance.

South Africa is known as a quality destination for BPO operations, but where are contact centre salaries positioned in relation to this promise of quality service delivery?  Join us to explore the important link between effective attraction, motivation and remuneration strategies AND achieving quality client interactions that lead to optimal contact centre performance.

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Ask Afrika: Unpacking the latest Customer Service Trends and Industry Diagnostics

Brand reputation relies heavily on exemplary service delivery and getting this right rests on having a deep understanding of what customers want out of an interaction with employees.  Trust and loyalty levels are diminishing globally and consumers no-longer want to be put in boxes, treated generically or given false promises. Authenticity, individualism and professionalism are vital for great service delivery.

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The CCMG is the Professional Body of the Contact Centre industry in South Africa and represents over 2,006 Contact Centres, 22,500 top and middle managers and 10,000 agent level individuals. The CCMG contributes to the professional growth of businesses and professionals within the Contact Centre industry, providing a forum for knowledge sharing and networking to empower and transform its members, while building on service excellence and continuous improvement within the industry.


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