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WNS South Africa: Can Harry Potter help you become a better leader?

Using the lessons from Harry Potter and you will be surprised that there are many, how can we become better leaders within our contact centres. Not only was he a magical wizard, but alongside the other characters there are leadership and life lessons that will impact how we as call centres experts interact with our colleagues and reports on a daily basis. This presentation will ensure that us muggles can become more magical and ensure we grow and develop talented teams.

Key points that the delegates will be taking home:

  • 11 Key leadership tips
  • Practical examples of how to lead
  • Key insights from over 27 years call centre experience
  • Challenge the way you currently lead your teams
  • A good laugh and healthy debate

WNS South Africa

WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS) is a global Business Process Management (BPM) leader. We offer business value to 200+ clients around the world by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals, including banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, consulting and professional services, retail and consumer packaged goods, telecom, shipping and logistics, travel and leisure, and utilities.

WNS delivers an entire spectrum of BPM services in customer interaction services, finance and accounting, human resource, research and analytics, technology solutions and industry-specific processes. More than 34,000 employees serve across 48 delivery centers located in China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK and US

Speaker: Gavin Atkinson

Gavin has over 20 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, starting his career as an agent for the Automobile Association and working his way up to their Operations Director. He has also worked for Discovery Health as a Divisional Manager: Client Service.

He has won multiple awards throughout his career, including Call Centre Manager of the year. Coupled with this, he has played a key role in the industry and has sat on numerous industry boards and advisory bodies.

Gavin was the CEO: Call Centres for BankservAfrica Integrated Solutions – a call centre outsourcing company that manages over 700 seats dealing with multiple clients across various industries. He started with them 14 years ago and built the company from the ground up to ultimately selling it in 2013.

Gavin (together with other call centre experts) started a consultancy company called ServiceLab which focuses on enhance customer experience and add value and he ran this for 18 months. Currently he is working for WNS Global as the head of their South African Domestic Business Unit responsible for all clients who have their headquarters in based in South Africa.

Gavin is passionate about the contact centre industry and the role it plays in the South African economic landscape as well as the potential it has to create employment and grow and develop people.