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BrandLove: Engaging BRAND WARRIORS for purpose, passion and performance

In this presentation we will explore the trends that are shaping the world of work and affecting the levels of engagement of service professionals. We will look at the essential skills that both leaders and service professionals will need to make your brand desired in future.

We will explore the various parts of the customer experience eco system that needs to function in harmony in order to deliver a remarkable customer experience for customers and create a purposeful mission for brand warriors.

We will explore design thinking and in specific, real-time customer experience design and the potential it has for making your customer’s experience delight at every interaction with your brand.

This presentation will provide you with insights and perspectives on increasing purpose, passion and as a result increase overall organizational performance for your brand.

Key take aways:

  1. Robust model for understanding the Customer Experience eco-system
  2. An understanding of how the world of work had changed
  3. Summary of fears and challenges that brand warriors face today
  4. Strategies for igniting purpose passion and performance
  5. Case studies that give us a glimpse of how successful organisations ignite purpose!

Presenter: Chantel Botha

Chantel Botha is a brand and business innovator who obsesses over how customers connect with brands. She finds meaning in designing engaging customer experiences that creates value for brands and their patrons.

Chantel guides brands on how to design their distinctive tone and emotions they want to evoke in spoken, written and digital communication. She helps both corporations and people find their purpose. She loves solving lots of small problems that make a big difference.

Her aim every day is to combine her skills and experience to grow her client’s businesses through showing them how to solve problems for their customers.

Chantel Botha obtained a degree in business economics and computer science.

She writes for various publications and speaks at conferences around the globe. She transforms people through experiential education programmes and personal coaching. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of BrandLove.

Company Profile:

BrandLove is not a wise-ass tell-you-what-to-do brand agency, neither are we a kiss-ass tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear consultancy. BrandLove is a, connecting-the-dots with you agency, a facilitator of authentic discovery of your brand essence. We create safe space for design thinking, collaboration and innovation incubation.

We help leaders shape their strategy to become outside-in thinkers and view everything from the customers eyes. We counsel brands whose customers have fallen out of love with them. We help infuse brand dna and ignite passion in the hearts and minds of your people who serve your customers through transformative culture programs.

We help brands find what they have lost, and facilitate a discovery for those who may have not ever had clarity around their essence. We find the best and the worst in your current brand experiences and show you how to make it better. We teach you how to achieve competitive differentiation through deliberate design rather than leaving brand experiences to chance.

We are not rocket-scientists but rather behavioral-anthropologists who love bringing together people, process and technology and’ being a catalyst for sustainable transformation. We challenge the status quo, we ask you to see things as if you are looking at it for the first time… We ask “why?” over and over again, until we get to the naked truth.

We love pictures that communicate really profound messages and we find meaning in helping people discover their authentic service ambassador voice. We find joy in igniting a love affair between customers and brands!