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Unplugging – Connecting to what is important

In a world filled with constant demands, we all risk over extending ourselves and burning out.  This presentation will focus on ways to avoid the busyness trap and focus on what is important.  Building in ways to have regular ‘pit-stops’ and recover are crucial to surviving in today’s times.  Moving away from a focus on action and results only to creating time to reflect and course correct and bring the ‘human element’ back into the work we do.

Take-away thoughts this presentation will offer:

  • How to create a more engaged and motivated workforce
  • Prioritising and focusing on what is important
  • Preventing burn out

About Lauren Davis

Lauren is a clinical psychologist, coach, facilitator and consultant with over 12 years’ experience in: leadership development; personal mastery; creating values driven organisations; psychometric
assessments; designing and implementing internal mentoring programmes; team effectiveness and organisational development.

About Baobab Connection

People Development partners – focusing on corporate culture, leadership development and personal mastery