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Axtel Headsets – Anis Nefissi

The New Generation of Professional Headsets

This presentation will demonstrate how we became the most dynamic global vendor of professional headsets. We are going to talk about Axtel products: professional headsets, unified communications, wireless solutions, cables and accessories.

What you will take away from this presentation:

  • how long has Axtel been in the market in Africa and France
  • who cooperates with us
  • quality of our products
  • who are our clients
  • features of our products
  • benefits from cooperation with Axtel Headsets

Company Overview:   

Axtel Headsets is a global vendor of professional headsets and communication solutions dedicated to Call Centers and office industry. When designing our products, we focus on expectations 54and needs of users, as we aim to create the products that facilitate the work of our Clients Taking advantage of development in sound technology, we focus on bringing more naturalness to the conversation with the headset. With this aim in mind, we make our best not only to follow the trends on the market, but also to go beyond global quality standards of professional headsets. We do it all, as our main goal is to create products that bring added value to our customers’ business. For Axtel, sound quality, reliability and maximum comfort of use are the main features of a perfectly designed headset. Having that in mind, we have created a rich product portfolio for business, gaining customers’ trust worldwide.

Contact Us:
Call:  +33 (0)6 16 225 839

More about Anis Nefissi:

Anis Nefissi has gained a breadth of experience as a Sales Manager within various companies. He has the primary role of leading the sales department, overseeing activities of the junior and senior professionals and monitoring performance as a whole. He defines and communicates the business’s KPIs and targets to junior sales personnel on a regular basis, analyses patterns in consumer and market behavior, and subsequently defines data-driven action strategies in order to consistently optimize the business’s commercial performance. He also plays a major strategic role in the sales department. He is tasked with implementing sales strategies that further the department’s agenda and drives enhanced revenue generation for the business. He delivers an optimized market mix relative to the core target consumers and identifies the roadmap that will lead to achievement of the department’s goals as well as the overall goals of the business.