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Zaheer Mullajee – Webhelp

“The Force will be with you. Always”

  • The paradigm shift (The Force)
  • Ability to create your own environment at work (Neural Network)
  • Using IOT resources to leverage your skill capabilities.
  • Working SMARTer
  • Your personal network


Call for Speakers

The Contact Centre Management Group invites you to: Submit a Presentation Abstract for the “Star Wars” themed National Conference Tour 2018

With the increased importance of customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, profitability and the constant (r)evolution of Contact Centres, the CCMG Conferences are vital in providing information and knowledge to succeed in today’s demanding environments.

The CCMG is interested in showcasing your unique experience, knowledge and expertise to better the skills of its members and welcomes your contribution as a speaker to this exciting national conference in 2018 which will be held in the following venues:

Gauteng 22nd and 23rd August 2018

Cape Town 28th September 2018

KwaZulu-Natal 8th November 2018

If you are interested in sharing your expertise with the movers and shakers of the South African Contact Centre arena, please complete the speaker form below in full and email to:

Speaker Presentation Submission Form

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 28 February 2018
Notification: 28 March 2018
Reviewers: CCMG Advisory Board members

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Skillzbook: Critical Thinking

We will review the concept of Critical Thinking and advise why it is important in the context of your life and where you are. The objective for you should be to use Critical Thinking as a way to evaluate your life, analyse the results of your current thinking and to come up with new ways of thinking that enable you to have a happier, fuller life, to earn more and to understand life better. 

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The functions of a properly established, managed and functioning Professional Body.

  • What they are?
  • What they are not.
  • How they contribute to the Performance Management challenge in any company of any size?
  • Why CPD is one of the most useful tools in a Professional Bodies arsenal?
  • Professional Bodies and their Transformational Tools.
  • Why a Professional Body has the potential is to lead the Branding Crusade in sectors which otherwise are not considered vital or true economic diamonds?

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ZaiLab: The Ice Cream Principles of Leadership

Ice cream is one of those things everybody loves. It’s hard not to be cheered just by the sight of it, isn’t it?

Then there’s the good stuff. That A-grade gelato that draws people in from miles around.

Leadership is much like ice cream. And as with world-class ice cream, there’s a recipe to world-class leadership.

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Quest: Today You Are You, That is Truer than True

We have changed the way that we “Think about Workforce” (human and non-human), how we value and support the people element and human touch, and the development of skills that are relevant to the future to ensure job creation. Throughout your career you can be many people and wear many shoes, that is why, instead of employers putting their employees into boxes, they must use unique tactics to attract the right thinking, attitude and talents in their organisation. Today’s world needs people who can solve complex problems, have many different interests and skills – and so does your Contact Centre!

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Genii: Artificial Intelligence – Real Results

AI and machine learning is nothing new, but applying AI to solve business challenges with a clear ROI, is quite unique in the customer services arena. With our customer service demand prediction model we predict which customer are going to contact you, for what reasons and when. Genii AI provide simple, yet effective models that will support improvements in your contact centres and business. 

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Margie Middleton & Associates: Smart Planning to Enable Committed Customer Champions!

The Cat in the Hat! An eccentric and anarchic character that always shows up when children are bored, constrained, unstimulated … and chaos ensues!

When we first deploy customer facing employees, we do everything we can to inspire and excite them about the opportunities open to them – if only they follow the rules and take accountability! Then we place them in an environment saturated with policies, processes and procedures that they must follow or else face the dreaded wrath of the quality controller! But who are these rules serving? Customers? The Business? Management?

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WNS South Africa: Can Harry Potter help you become a better leader?

Using the lessons from Harry Potter and you will be surprised that there are many, how can we become better leaders within our contact centres. Not only was he a magical wizard, but alongside the other characters there are leadership and life lessons that will impact how we as call centres experts interact with our colleagues and reports on a daily basis. This presentation will ensure that us muggles can become more magical and ensure we grow and develop talented teams.

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DSG: The integrated customer experience

Today, a customer’s feedback is so much more impactful on a brand than it was even 10 years ago, with the advent of the internet and, in particular, social media. It’s for this reason that customer experience – or CX as it is affectionately becoming known – should be a foundation pillar of any business, as customer-centric businesses that can evolve, despite a continually changing customer interaction environment, will achieve long-term success.

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Ocular Technologies: Reimagine Customer Service

Today’s customers expect to engage with your company using any device on any channel, at any time. Their journeys often touch several departments within the business – from Marketing and Sales to Billing and Support – and at every point they expect you to know who they are, understand their prior interactions and enable seamless service.

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Legitimate Leadership: Leading Employees from Taking to Giving in the Call Center.

Every employer struggles with the issue of employee engagement, and more so within the intense call center environment. Legitimate Leadership addresses: How to get employees to come to work every day and put in their best effort? How to keep employee turnover down? Leaders with legitimacy, in an organization where leaders and employees trust each other, will gain employees who contribute willingly and accept accountability for delivering their best results.

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Omni HR Consulting: Offshoring in South Africa is beyond the vision and presumptions of economics

South Africa has fast become the destination of choice when it comes to offshoring and the tainted first thought that comes to mind for South Africans is that labour hire/acquisition is cheap. The consideration that offshoring has economic benefits for SA (and the client) is fair; however what opinions and presumptions are linked to South Africa that attracts foreign investment into the Contact Centre Industry? What is the unique and dynamic contribution of South African role-players relative to international campaigns?

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Inovo: Practical Ways to Optimise Contact Centre CX

As the face, voice, and personality of a business, the contact centre lies at the heart of a positive customer experience. Join Wynand Smit, CEO of contact centre solutions provider INOVO, as he discusses how to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement and the practical steps required to achieve customer experience excellence.   

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Genesis: Optimising contact centre performance using behavioural economics

Behavioural economics, which studies human decision-making behaviour, proves to be a powerful tool in optimising contact centre performance. Behavioural economics has been used successfully in the contact centre environment to address a range of customer challenges and behaviours across a range of industries. In particular, behavioural economics can be leveraged in the contact centre to increase sales, improve retentions and influence channel-usage.

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Callforce: The importance of effective motivation and remuneration strategies to achieve optimal contact centre performance.

South Africa is known as a quality destination for BPO operations, but where are contact centre salaries positioned in relation to this promise of quality service delivery?  Join us to explore the important link between effective attraction, motivation and remuneration strategies AND achieving quality client interactions that lead to optimal contact centre performance.

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Ask Afrika: Unpacking the latest Customer Service Trends and Industry Diagnostics

Brand reputation relies heavily on exemplary service delivery and getting this right rests on having a deep understanding of what customers want out of an interaction with employees.  Trust and loyalty levels are diminishing globally and consumers no-longer want to be put in boxes, treated generically or given false promises. Authenticity, individualism and professionalism are vital for great service delivery.

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Onion Diversity Solutions: Gen Blending

Key to success in a 21st Century organisation is understanding and embracing the unique gifts of four generations, to blend said gifts and ultimately to make Magic.   Gen Y and Z catapult the need for blending more than ever before due to their innate genre of consciousness that is both mind blowing and mind numbing.  What is this consciousness and how do we blend to make magic?

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