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ATIO: Speech Analytics

Real-time speech analytics allows a company to identify and address an issue while the caller is still on the line.

Speech Analytics provides the ability to analyse voice interactions, for certain words or phrases, one party talking over the other, raised voices (indicating high emotion), to enable the categorisation of the voice interaction into types, independent of any wrap codes applied by the agent.

The trend analysis can highlight to management certain issues in the business sooner than MIS which is always historical. Speech Analytics can also be used to trigger responses based on what occurs during an interaction. An example of this could be identifying the use of words like “cancel” or mentions of competitors to trigger outbound retention activities.

The use of Speech Analytics together with Quality Management will provide the capability for automating some or all of the quality assessments, and highlighting the best and worst calls for Quality Management to assess manually. This results in more effective feedback to the agents and targeted coaching to improve effectiveness.