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Ask Afrika – Sarina de Beer

Smart data for smarter experiences – Measure what matters

Sarina de Beer is Managing Director at Ask Afrika. She has two Masters degrees, in Psychology, and in Research Psychology, having started her career as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria. Here her driving ambition was born to become a respected researcher.

This drive flourished at Ask Afrika where she managed to create a synergy between business consulting and research. Sarina’s conceptual mastery is annually showcased at the primary conferences the Ask Afrika Group offer- the Orange Index® and the Icon Brands™ benchmarks. Her incisive analytical capability teamed with an intuition for picking up on social trends has made her a well-respected persona in the industry. Sarina has successfully blurred the lines between research and the consultation of business-driven clients to ensure that they derive commercial value from research.

Together with her team, Sarina’s futuristic outlook has ensured the differentiation of Ask Afrika by delivering research projects that enable decision-making. She is highly committed to the return on investment of human capital, and this is evident by the trust that the employees place in her.

Sarina will speak about:

In an increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment with customer needs changing faster than what most can keep up with, it has become imperative that your service measurements are relevant and enabling.

Sarina`s presentation is aimed at highlighting what matters most to SA consumers today. What are current successes, where are the pressure points, what can we learn from best practice.

Technological investments have changed the game, by elevating service levels significantly. But while this has enabled companies to provide greater and faster accessibility; some have not mastered the art of relationships and emotional satisfaction.

People in general are becoming emotionally more disconnected and this includes customers as well as the companies that service them.

What does this mean for customer loyalty, how will you engage with a disconnected, critical client?