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Africa Calling

Sometimes we do not have to look further for inspiration and motivation than our own doorstep. Transformation and innovation – the two strongest forces that drive the Contact Centre industry are the same energies molding the African economic, political and social landscape.

The fight for survival is real.

As our Contact Centre industry evolves, we naturally arrive at a crossroad in our path where we have to make important decisions. Do we continue on the same path as before, or do we take a road less known, but one that will take us to recognition and “alpha” status on the African continent? The professional body has chosen the latter and has dedicated the following years to expanding its reach beyond South Africa, forging partnerships and collaborations with other Contact Centre hubs all over the African continent.

To celebrate this strategic expansion we have dedicated 2019 to the theme of AFRICA’S CALLING – rising as a continent, as a people and certainly as a Contact Centre powerhouse. Africa has so much potential! It is home to several influential forces and it is time to make the Contact Centre Industry one of them. We have the mental and moral strength to face difficulties and challenges and to rise above them. We have the people, the technology and the knowledge to excel in tough competition. Our firmness of purpose is unquestionable as we progress onto international markets.

Africa has so much potential! Our mottos include spirit, courage and perseverance as we navigate the diverse landscape we live in. Like the prides of lions that roam our wilderness, we are patient, but ready to strike at any moment. We are ready to rise; to lift the African, South African Contact Centre industry to new heights.

Africa has so much potential! We have the power to achieve what we stand for, what we set as goals for ourselves. We are raising future leaders, disruptors and Contact Centre champions by upskilling our people and believing in them. We advocate critical thinking and challenging the norms in an industry where dinosaur mentality inevitably leads to extinction. We are two steps ahead, because one is just not enough anymore. Our industry is beautiful but demanding, because it stretches our boundaries every day, pushing us to be faster, better and more efficient. Anything less will perish.

Africa has so much potential! The mother continent has experienced so many trials and tribulations in the turmoil of ages, yet she stands proud. With the grace of a grazing giraffe she awaits the call but she is always alert and always aware.

Do we, the Contact Centre Industry, hear the call?
Do we realise the time is now?
Africa, rise!