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Adam Rabinowitz

Chief imaginator at Imagin8

It’s not the salesman that makes the sale

Effective lead generation requires accurate prospect profiling and data enrichment. We’ll show you the difference between cold calling, and talking to hot leads. I’ll show you how three points of relevance gets a prospect’s attention, and how one further piece of useful information hooks a customer before you call to close the deal. Calling good qualified leads provides a greater closing ratio. The science behind this is data. Gathering, analysing and qualifying leads before you make contact improves the performance of our outbound contact centre.

Speaker: Adam Rabinowitz

Adam is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He previously guest lectured for the University of Pretoria’s GIBS Business School, the University of Stellenbosch, as well as Duke University in North Carolina, USA. He holds an MBA from the GIBS Business School.

Adam Alexander is the chief imaginator at Imagin8. He has an MBA form GIBS. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker, having been a guest lecturer for GIBS, University of Stellenbosch and Duke.