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1Stream: Cloud Call Centres – What does the future hold?

Call centre have moved from being premised based to cloud and now hybrid cloud………………  As the millennial generation matures, these individuals are becoming the driving force behind how businesses and contact centres interact with customers. Importantly for contact centres, it’s about providing seamless interaction using communication channels that are preferred by millennials. Voice calls are no longer the primary means of communication, and most millennials favour e-mail and chat, or self-help services like chatbots. The key is constant and careful analysis and reflection, and never getting stuck in doing the same thing because it worked today – tomorrow things will be different.

Key take-aways:

  • The question is no longer if to implement cloud services, but rather when.
  • Omni-channel must become an essential element in any contact centre, since without it, true BI and the insight it brings cannot be implemented.
  • Automation in contact centres is set to increase through visual IVR systems, speech recognition, voice biometrics and chatbots.
  • e-Learning will become the industry standard for contact centre training whether for staff induction, upskilling or new product training.
  • In the contact centre industry it will be those who embrace change and harness its opportunities that will lead the charge into the future.

Speaker: Michelle Osmond

Michelle Osmond is the Business Development Manager at 1Stream, a company that offers a complete hosted telephony solution that is cost-effective, customisable and effortlessly efficient. Customer service has been at the centre of her career for the past eight years, with a particular focus on telecoms and the call centre industry in the last six. Her knowledge of B2B and cloud telecommunications industries, including experience in sales, client relations, marketing and events management, has strengthened her ability to liaise with various stakeholders and manage successful business relationships.

Her key career highlights include securing and managing client accounts of listed South African Blue Chip companies in the Motoring, eCommerce, Insurance, Medical, Hospitality and Finance sectors.

About 1Stream

1Stream is the leading provider of cloud based call centre technology in Southern Africa.  Their award-winning omni-channel (voice, video, email, chat and social) solution serves customers of all sizes, providing pay-per-use access to world-class technology that is rapidly scalable and available on demand. For more information visit